English: Most important information Marienhospital Osnabrück



  • Location Bischofstraße

Marienhospital Osnabrück
Bischofsstraße 1
49074 Osnabrück
T +49 541 326-0

Our car park is situated directly opposite from our main entrance.

  • Location Natruper Holz

Marienhospital Osnabrück - Standort Natruper Holz
Am Natruper Holz 69
49076 Osnabrück
T +49 541 966-0

Emergencies are admitted at any time. (365 Days a year, 24 hours a day). In other cases, please phone us for appointment.

0541 326 0 (from Germany)
0049 541 326 0 (from most other countries)


Interpretation services are available for all common languages at the hospital or can be provided for the patient on short notice.  Patients are also allowed to be accompanied by their own interpreter (e.g. relatives or friends who speak German well).

Christian pastors guide our patients during their stay here at the hospital. We can also arrange contact with representatives of other religions. A Christian chapel and a Muslim prayer room can be found in the hospital.

Following the consultation with a physician, our patients can choose their food from several options. It is always possible to order a meal without pork or vegetarian. If you have particular nutritional needs, our dietary kitchen will provide individually cooked meals for you.